Byte Aligners Or Braces?

At the moment, several different technologies are used in orthodontics to correct the occlusion and correct aesthetic defects of the teeth. The most common among these methods are braces and aligners. Therefore, the first question that arises for a person who wants to make his teeth straight is: what should you choose – aligners or braces? You can answer this question by examining the advantages and disadvantages of both technologies.


Braces have long established themselves as an effective tool for eliminating bite deformities and gaining a beautiful smile. Among the advantages of this technology are:

  • the ability to correct almost any, even the most difficult, malocclusion without any additional devices and procedures,
  • stationary installation in the dentist’s office,
  • relatively fast achievement of the desired effect and high reliability,
  • short recovery period,

availability of various types of braces – relatively inexpensive metal braces, as well as comfortable ceramic and sapphire braces.

However, braces also have their drawbacks. As a rule, this is the visibility and sensation of a foreign body in the mouth. But when installing sapphire braces, where most of the structure is made of a special transparent material, this issue is not so acute. Also, in some cases, it is possible to install lingual braces behind the teeth and therefore unobtrusive . But of course, this does not negate the presence of a metal structure in the mouth, which may not suit the patient from an aesthetic point of view. In addition, braces require regular visits to the dentist to control the bite correction process, careful hygiene and the rejection of certain products. In some cases, when wearing braces, gum inflammation and impaired diction are possible.

  • The gold alloy does not cause allergies.
  • Invisible. They are fixed on the inside of the teeth.
  •  They are made in the TOP-Service laboratory in Germany especially for you at the request of your orthodontist.


Aligners are a modern high-tech bite correction system. It is a transparent mouthguard made to order from a special hypoallergenic thermoplastic material. They are used to displace individual teeth, eliminate enlarged interdental spaces, crowding and other disorders. Aligners have many advantages over other orthodontic systems:

high aesthetics, since aligners are absolutely transparent and virtually invisible in the mouth,

they do not cause allergies and irritation, and do not damage the tooth enamel,

no influence on diction,

convenience and lack of sensation of a foreign body in the mouth – mouthguards are made of a very thin material that quickly ceases to be felt,

individual production, taking into account the peculiarities of malocclusion in each specific case,

the ability to remove aligners,

there are no restrictions on the choice of food.

Just like any orthodontic construction, aligners require some maintenance. They must be removed while eating and brushing your teeth. Aligners should be washed periodically with warm water and a disinfectant solution provided by the manufacturer. In addition, after some time, the aligners will have to be replaced with new ones, so that the alignment of the dentition occurs gradually.

Still not sure which one to choose? Contact the specialists of the FDC clinic, they will conduct an examination and help you choose the orthodontic system that is suitable specifically for your case. The French Dental Clinic employs orthodontists certified by Invisalign , a leading manufacturer of quality aligners. The experience gained allows FDC dentists to work with even the most complex malocclusion at the highest level.

By Lonnie Mills

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