Many Moscow dentistry clinics are ready to offer their patients the most modern technologies and means of dental treatment . Orthodontics was no exception. They are pleased to present such a treatment for malocclusion of teeth as self-ligating braces without ligation. Ligature-free braces can significantly increase the effectiveness of bite treatment, reducing its time by  20-25%! Today they are regarded as the most modern, effective and practical solution for correcting malocclusion.

Non-ligature braces are non-removable structures. They are attached to the teeth using a system of sliding retainers in the form of latches, latches or spring clips. This system allows you to install braces faster and easier, moreover, the pressure on the teeth is much less than when using conventional designs. Moreover, such a design significantly simplifies and speeds up the installation and fixation of braces on the teeth – your free time remains yours, and you no longer have to waste it in the dentist’s office.

A decrease in pressure, in particular, leads to a better functioning of the cellular system of soft tissues, their supply of blood and nutrients (nutrients) is not disturbed. There was no place in the design for wires (ligatures), which exert strong pressure on the teeth, which causes tissue disruption and damage. Another fundamental design difference of self-ligating braces without ligature is the use of a metal arc of a smaller radius, which also has a beneficial effect on the timing of installation and fixation of braces, the time of treatment itself and comfort in the oral cavity.

Advantages of ligature-free self-ligating bracket systems

short installation time

weak pressure on soft tissues

improvement of the periodontal condition

reduction of painful sensations

low risk of damage to mucous membranes and injury to them

impossibility of complications during treatment

simplified procedures for the care of braces

low risk of caries

visiting an orthodontist no more than once every  2–2.5 months

short time for removing the bracket.

Please also note that these advantages of braces will be complemented by the advantages of our clinic: professional individual approach to each patient, European service and quality of service. By themselves, ligature-free braces are easy to maintain and care for – even a child can handle them, not to mention an adult. Simplicity of oral hygiene reduces the risk of occurrence and development of caries, which is also seen as a serious advantage of the design.

Every self-ligating bracket system is well known to the skilled person, including Stb, Clarity SL, Ormco and Incognito. All of them allow you to reduce the time and frequency of visits to the dentist. Self-ligating braces are devices designed to reduce the time of treatment in every possible way. Less treatment time, fewer visits to the dentist. More effective treatment!


Colored braces are almost an experimental bracket system. Why experimental? Everyone is free to choose the color of the brace to their liking, even to match the color of the shoes or the color of the flag of the football team. Colored belts are made of plastic, they are only external, or vestibular, and are considered aesthetic. Internal braces are not colored – what’s the point?

However, the list of materials used for the production of colored braces is not limited only to plastic. In addition, one model from another is often distinguished not only by the color or shade, but also by the shape of the plates themselves. Like any other braces, colored braces are selected individually by the attending physician to match the color and shape of the patient’s teeth, taking into account their condition. 

Who needs colored braces? First of all, of course, for children. As a rule, their usual braces cannot be forced under the threat of being shot. And here they themselves choose, select, select. A colored brace becomes almost a favorite toy (especially if a child’s favorite image: “animals”, “cars” has got into the device). Such a device is not just worn, but worn with great pleasure.

  • Sometimes colored braces are the only reasonable way to make a child wear a device:
  • the child may be embarrassed to wear braces
  • he may be afraid to smile with them
  • finally, he doesn’t like the discomfort caused
  • Plus, colored braces require exactly the same care and cleaning as any other external appliance.

Colored braces are especially recommended for children . those, unlike adults, are not always able to maintain proper oral hygiene. children often refuse to wear ordinary braces, citing their reluctance to stand out among their peers and fear of ridicule. Lingual, or invisible, braces cannot be installed – they require very strict oral hygiene. The only way out is to install colored braces.

Colored braces, like any other bracket systems, require special rules for caring for the oral cavity. The problems are standard: pieces of food between the teeth, between the component parts of the braces. As for the cost of colored braces, it is intermediate between traditional metal products and more spectacular and expensive sapphire and ceramic.

Colored braces become not just a means of correcting the incorrect position and direction of teeth growth, a purely utilitarian thing, but rather an adornment, a fashionable attribute that can (and should!) Complement your appearance, complete it, emphasize attractiveness and taste. Yes, it is still a necessary element that would be better off altogether. But if you cannot avoid installing braces, then why not make them work for your appearance? Why endure psychological discomfort and catch sidelong glances on yourself when you can catch admiring and interested?


Crossbite is an anomaly in which the lower jaw is displaced to the left or right. Outwardly, this most often manifests itself in the asymmetry of the face. Distinguish between unilateral and bilateral cross bite, as well as bite in the lateral and anterior parts of the jaw. Crossbite is treatable, and we do not see anything difficult in correcting it, especially if this issue is addressed in a timely manner.

With the normal (correct) position of the teeth, the jaws close so that the upper row overlaps the lower one by about 25-30%. This is the only option that allows your teeth and jaws to function properly. Crossbite disrupts almost all physiological processes, such as chewing, swallowing, speaking, and many others. In addition, this phenomenon is not aesthetically attractive and harmful to human health.

There are several types of cross bite:

Buccal – including one-sided, two-sided and combined. It differs depending on which of the jaws is widened / narrowed.

Lingual – expansion of the upper row of teeth and narrowing of the lower one.


For a complete and effective treatment of crossbite, it is necessary to identify the causes of its occurrence. Among many, the most frequent ones can be distinguished.

Diseases of the nose, throat (otitis media, sinusitis), which, as a result of inflammation, lead to deformation of the jaw apparatus;

Prolonged process of loss of milk teeth;

Slowing down the development of the jaw apparatus;

Incorrect teething (in the wrong places).


If you have a cross bite, there is a high risk of serious health problems. Most of all, this is reflected in a change in the process of swallowing and chewing, a person cannot fully use the jaw apparatus for eating, which in turn leads to problems in the digestive system.

Depending on the type and stage of crossbite, the patient may experience various complications: difficulty in chewing and swallowing food, impaired respiratory function (mainly in children), improper diction, increased risk of caries, crunching and pain when opening the mouth, etc. Crossbite in advanced cases may be required to correct the prosthetics and implantation procedures.

At your service is the experience and knowledge of qualified dentists and orthopedists – specialists with extensive experience. Before proceeding with the correction of a crossbite, the attending physician will find out the cause of the bite. Most often this is a hereditary predisposition, improper teething, premature loss of milk teeth and delayed eruption of permanent ones, otitis media and a lag in the development of one of the jaws or dental arches.


Correction of cross bite has become a routine procedure for specialists. American and European equipment, orthodontic appliances in the hands of experienced specialists work miracles. At the stages of milk and mixed bite, even the very cause of the anomaly can be eliminated, and at the permanent stage, correction is carried out by aligning the size of the jaws relative to each other.

Crossbite correction is performed using various American and German-made orthodontic constructions: mouth guards, trainers, braces, faceplates, etc. The correction is carried out under the supervision of an orthodontist and takes a minimum of time. The treatment is completely painless.

The Orthodontics Department at FDC is one of the most qualified departments throughout Moscow. This is due to the fact that we employ world-renowned doctors such as Michel Cassagne and many others.

By Lonnie Mills

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